The Sustainable Research Center is a non-profit conservation and technology based think tank based in Northern New Mexico  and North Texas. The SRC was created to implement and demonstrate practical emerging technologies and sensible breakthrough science applicable to the community in the fields of energy efficient building strategies, water conservation, photo-voltaic systems, wind power generation, personal wellness, nutrition and food production on a neighborhood and residential scale.


The Sustainable Research Center is dedicated to sharing and expanding knowledge about practical solutions as they relate to a self-sustaining community.





Mission Statement:

Promoting, but not limited to the listed technologies:


  • Passive solar orientation & natural ventilation.
  • Photo-voltaic panels for electric and hot water use.
  • Gray water recycling to save freshwater by irrigating with household wash water.
  • Relieve strain on septic systems by purifying wastewater without energy or chemicals.
  • Rain water harvesting.
  • Green belts & open space.
  • Native Xeriscape with low-water-use plants to create year-round colorful and lush landscape.
  • Enhanced indoor & outdoor environmental quality.
  • Maximizing day lighting and views.
  • Healthy indoor air quality using low VOC emitting materials.
  • Quality long life finish materials.
  • Granite counter tops.
  • High performance name brand carpet, cork, wood, rubber, textiles and more..
  • Locally & regionally sourced materials & methods.
  • Integrated building systems.












(LEED: leaders in energy and environmental design).  Commissioned to work together to maximize

 the benefits of each component.


U.S. green building council/LEED directed project.

Let our LEED accredited staff guide you in creating the most desirable and energy efficient environment.

Sustainable Research Center

North Texas Metroplex

Santa Fe New Mexico


Sustainable Research Center